Miracle in a Bottle: Muscle Relax Pain Cream


I am a Web Designer and I sit at a desk working on the computer all day. By the end of the day I have extreme lower back pain. My friend told me about the benefits of CBD by HempBeauty. I tried the Muscle Relax Pain Cream (500 MG CBD) and it worked wonders. It took away all my pain instantly! I wish I knew about it sooner. I highly recommend HempBeauty for anyone suffering from muscle pain. Thanks HempBeauty!

-Lea A., Web Designer

Peace of Mind: Wellness + Relax CBD Drops


I work long hours and deal with very difficult customers which can cause anxiety and frustration. When I heard about HempBeauty Wellness + Relax Hemp Oil Drops I had to give them a try. I thought they sounded too good to be true, but not only did the hemp-derived CBD help fight anxiety it also enhanced creativity and improved my work performance. I use one full dropper daily with my breakfast routine for added wellness and peace of mind. I would highly recommend HempBeauty Wellness + Relax Extra Strength 750 MG CBD Drops to my friends and family.

-Eric R, Operation Specialist

Brighten Your Day: Bright Day Face Cream


I purchased the HempBeauty Bright Day Face Cream, and it is a game changer. I use it every night, it decreases redness, inflammation and has helped my skin regenerate. Acne scars have disappeared! I am recommending it to all my friends. I can’t wait to see what HempBeauty comes out with next. I would love to see a HempBeauty travel-size tote with all my CBD mini, on-the-go, beauty essentials! I am a forever #HempBeautyLifeR

-Monika F., Entrepreneur

Chill n’ Go: Chill Bear CBD Gummies


Love the CBD Chill Bears. These handy on-the-go gummies have changed my life. Whenever I am feeling anxious, I just pop a Chill Bear (50 MG CBD) and immediately feel more calm and relaxed. I continue to use these gummies daily and share the HempBeauty love because EVERYONE needs some Chill Bears in their life!

-Paul C., Sales Consultant

Blissful Bubble Bath: CBD Bath Bombs


I love HempBeauty’s 35 MG CBD Bath Bombs! I like the fresh Eucalyptus and Peppermint scent. They contain natural ingredients like coconut oil and epsom salt. I recommend these products to all my friends because they have helped reduce my stress, anxiety and body inflammation. Thank you HempBeauty!

-Terri G, Fine Artist

De-Stress + Unwind: Muscle Relax Pain Cream


HempBeauty Pain Cream has helped me manage my chronic back pain. The organic CBD formula’s anti-inflammatory effects have reduce my pain and are a great all-natural alternative to pain medications. Thank you, HempBeauty for helping me sleep at night!

-Pat D, Retired Contractor